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Custom Web App Development.

We develop elegant, robust, and unique web applications tailored to your specific needs.

What is a web application?

Web applications are software applications that run on a web server as opposed to running locally on a device’s operating system (e.g. Windows). While there are some similarities between web applications and traditional websites, web apps generally have functionality and interfaces you’d typically associate with desktop or mobile applications. 

Example uses of web applications include email clients, accounting platforms, customer portals, online banking, and social media platforms.

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We've developed web apps for:

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Customer Portals

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Commercial problem solvers

At our core, we’re problem solvers. We specialise in understanding what you’re looking to achieve and design a solution to do just that. Often, that’s in the form of a web application, easily accessible to those that need it, high performing, and consistent across a wide range of platforms.

Whether you’re a startup looking to develop a core product or an established business looking to streamline your operation, we can help you design and develop innovative web apps that achieve commercial objectives.

Our Process

1. Workshop The first step in our process is the most important one - the workshop. Here, our discovery specialists and a representative of our development team will work with you directly to understand what you’re looking to achieve with your custom web app. Using that information, they’ll create and share a scope and interactive wireframe prototype for your app.
2. Development

Providing you’re satisfied that the proposed web app meets your needs, the next stage would be development. Your project would be broken down into two-week sprints focused on delivering each element of your app incrementally. This approach also allows for thorough testing throughout and enables us to work accurately to both timescales and budgets.

3. Internal testing Once the development phase is complete, your web application is passed to our internal Quality Assurance team. There, it’s once again meticulously inspected for quality against our development standards. Even the most minor issue at this stage will see the application passed back to the development team for further review.
4. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Next, it’s your turn to test the application. At this stage, we’ll provide you with access to your web app for you to verify that it works as expected and meets your needs. Crucially, this stage also gives us the opportunity to make any refinements needed prior to deployment or handover.
5. Implementation

When you’re satisfied that your web application matches the scope we set out at the start of the process, we then begin the implementation process. If you’ve entered into a hosting agreement with us, we’ll deploy your web application as specified. Otherwise, we will hand your web application over to you.

6. Ongoing support Even once your application is live, or handed over, our work doesn’t stop there. To maximise the longevity and reliability of your web app, we offer a range of support packages to accommodate all kinds of needs. Options include support desk services, framework and security updates, pro-active error monitoring, usage reporting, server health monitoring, and more.

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Our Work

In the more than nine years we’ve been developing bespoke web applications, we’ve amassed dozens of success stories. This is just one of them:

AppyQuote: Custom Web App

AppyQuote’s founders had a game-changing idea to revolutionise the trade industry, helping tradespeople save time, prevent errors, win more business, and improve their communications. They needed expert support to scope, design, and develop a web application and mobile app.

Working closely with AppyQuote’s stakeholders, we developed a thorough understanding of their vision for both apps before delivering to their exact needs with an engaging, easy-to-use web app for users and administrators and a supporting mobile app available on both iOS and Android.

AppyQuote mobile app on an iphone and setting screen shown on a monitor

Ready to develop your web app?

Our discovery specialists are on hand to understand your objectives and help get the wheels of your project turning. Once we’ve received your form submission, a member of our team will be in touch using the details provided.

Alternatively, you can call us directly on 01785 220892 or email us at