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Custom Software Development.

We develop custom software that achieves your commercial objectives.

What is custom software?

Custom software is software that’s developed to meet the specific requirements and preferences of the business, individual, or group it’s being developed for. In contrast, software designed for the mass market (aka off-the-shelf software) is designed and developed to meet a broad set of general requirements that the target end user may or may not have.

Also referred to as bespoke software or tailor-made software, the uses for custom software are practically endless as the resulting software can incorporate features and functionality to meet even the most complex, niche requirements.

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Developing custom software for unique challenges

Your business isn’t off-the-shelf. Your software shouldn’t be either.

At Langley Foxall, we specialise in understanding your objectives, scoping a solution, developing from a blank canvas, and delivering robust custom software that solves the unique challenges you are facing.

Once delivered, we offer a tiered support system ranging from basic options like updates and service desk support to advanced packages including proactive error and server health monitoring.

Our Process

1. Workshop Without a doubt the most important stage, the workshop allows our engineers to fully understand your requirements by visiting your offices and analysing your current processes. This enables us not only to provide a full scope and interactive wireframe prototype but also to keep every member of your project team involved throughout the process, achieving greater synergy as a result.
2. Development

Once you have approved the scope and wireframe, your project will go into development. In the development stage, we work in agile sprints, delivering features incrementally and testing thoroughly at each stage to ensure your software not only provides the right functionality but adheres to industry best practices. Our agile approach also enables us to react and adapt as necessary to remain on time and within budget.

3. Internal testing Once our development team is satisfied with the result of a sprint, the features produced are then passed to our internal Quality Assurance team, who again test and review the product to ensure it’s up to our impeccable standards. On the rare occasion it isn’t, it’s then passed back to the development team for further review and refinement.
4. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) UAT is the most important stage of testing. This is when you are given access to your software, or a feature of it, to verify that it works as intended and meets your requirements. Importantly, it’s also a chance for us to fine-tune the code as necessary prior to delivery, enabling you to unlock your software’s potential in as short a time as possible.
5. Implementation

Providing you’re satisfied the software we’ve developed meets your needs, we’d then move to implementation. If we’re hosting your software for you, this is where we’d set it live and ensure that it’s accessible to those that need it. Alternatively, if you’re deploying your software in-house, we would hand the application to you at this stage.

6. Ongoing support Once your custom software is up and running, you’ll want to keep it that way. We offer a range of support options designed to keep things on track, from basic support desk services and update management to advanced services like server health monitoring, usage reporting, and more.

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Our Work

We have operated as a custom software development company since 2013, amassing dozens of success stories in that time. Here is just one of those:

Nu-Brite: Custom Software

Providing services to some of the UK’s largest homebuilders, Nu-Brite were looking to bolster their service levels and customer experience with the addition of custom software to assist their scheduling, job management, quoting, service management, training, and more.

Working closely with the leaders of the business, we developed a comprehensive piece of software designed to meet their exacting requirements, revolutionise their business processes, and provide users with an unprecedented level of visibility and control.

Nu-brite custom software job list view

Let’s develop your custom software

Whether you have a full brief or just have a list of problems you need software to solve, our discovery specialists are on hand to help. Simply submit the contact form and a member of our team will contact you using the details provided.

Alternatively, you can call us on 01785 220892 or email us at