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Custom Mobile App Development.

We help you achieve commercial objectives with best-in-class mobile apps.

What is a mobile application?

Mobile applications are software applications designed specifically to run on smartphones and/or tablets. Unlike responsive web applications which run in browsers on mobile devices, mobile apps run directly on devices providing functionality you’d typically associate with traditional software applications.

Example uses of mobile applications are practically endless and include customer apps, productivity tools, games, communication platforms, mobile commerce, and entertainment applications.

AppyQuote custom mobile application

We’ve developed mobile apps for:

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CicloZone mobile application

Realising your app ambitions

Whether for core products, productivity-boosting assistive technologies, or simply to connect more closely with consumers, custom mobile apps offer a personalised, accessible, and engaging solution.

Whatever your app ambitions, our mobile app development services can help you achieve them, from initial scope to a seamlessly engaging user experience crafted by expert in-house designers.

Our Process

1. Workshop Our process begins with an in-depth workshop. At this stage, you’ll work with one of our discovery specialists and a representative of our dev team to tell them what you’re looking for in a custom mobile app. With that information, we will then create and share a full project and interactive wireframe prototype with you.
2. Development

If you’re happy that the project scope and design reflect what you’re looking for, your custom mobile app will then enter the development stage. Adhering to agile methodology, we’ll break the build of your app down into development sprints each lasting two weeks. Our agile approach also enables us to work accurately to agreed timescales and budgets.

3. Internal testing Upon the completion of the development phase, the dev team will pass your mobile application on to the Quality Assurance team. At this stage, your app will be scrutinised and passed back to the development team for further work if required.
4. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Once our in-house experts are satisfied that your mobile app is ready and meets our high standards, we’ll provide access to you to verify that it meets your expectations. This stage is a fantastic opportunity for us to collaborate and ensure that everything works as intended. If not, it also gives us the chance to make any necessary amendments before implementation.
5. Implementation

After you’ve tested and approved the app, we’ll begin the implementation stage of the process. This is when we host the necessary data and, if applicable, make your mobile application available via the iOS App Store and/or Google Play Store. Alternatively, if you’re hosting it yourself, we’ll hand your mobile application over to you.

6. Ongoing support Our work doesn’t stop at implementation. Once your mobile app is live, we offer a range of support options to maximise its longevity and reliability. Packages range from basic support to more advanced features like usage reporting and server health monitoring among others.

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Our Work

We’ve successfully delivered custom mobile applications for nearly a decade. Here is just one example of our work:

CicloZone: Custom Mobile Application

With ambitions to bring on-demand and live-streamed training to indoor cyclists across the globe, CicloZone turned to Langley Foxall to create a platform accessible through web browsers and, importantly, complete with a custom mobile app available to both iOS and Android users.

Working closely with CicloZone’s stakeholders, we developed and deployed highly-rated mobile applications available via the iOS and Android app stores. Through the mobile app, CicloZone users can access training videos, view live streams, manage and personalise their accounts, and more.

CicloZone mobile application

Ready to get started?

Our discovery specialists are available to talk through your idea, understand your needs, and advise on the best route forward.

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