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Custom ERP Software Development.

We design, develop, and implement custom ERP software engineered around your business.

What is an ERP System?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are used to manage key business processes including accounting, commercial, financial, human resource, manufacturing, operational, and supply chain activities amongst others.

Custom ERP systems are designed and developed from scratch to meet your business’s unique specifications, incorporating the functions that are important to your business, bringing processes together in one place, and introducing automation to maximise productivity.
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We’ve developed ERP software for:

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Unlocking efficiency through ERP systems

Better processes combined with better data make for better business.

We specialise in working closely with you to build an in-depth understanding of every facet of your organisation before scoping and developing a fully-bespoke ERP system that boosts productivity, provides total visibility, and, most importantly, meets your exact needs.

Once developed and thoroughly tested, we’ll support you throughout the implementation of your system to minimise downtime and ensure the smooth and secure transition of historical data from existing systems. We also offer ongoing support packages for added peace of mind.

Our Process

1. Workshop To scope a complex ERP system accurately, first we need to spend some time with you at your offices to build an in-depth understanding of your business, how it operates, and what requirements it has with regard to ERP software. Using that information, we will then design and share an interactive wireframe prototype and a full project scope.
2. Development

Providing you’re happy that the scope and wireframe both accurately reflect your needs, your custom ERP system will enter the development stage. At this point, our lead developers and project managers will break your project down into agile sprints each lasting two weeks. This approach ensures that we can remain responsive while also adhering to agreed budgets and timescales.

3. Internal testing At the conclusion of each sprint, the feature produced in that spring is tested by our developers before being passed to our dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) team. At this point, QA specialists will methodically work through the code and functionality to make sure it meets our internal standards as well as software development best practices. Any issues spotted at this point are passed back to the development team to be resolved before returning to the internal testing stage.
4. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) After successfully passing our internal testing stage, your ERP system, or a feature of it, will be passed to you to check that it meets your requirements. This stage also provides a valuable opportunity to revisit anything that isn’t working as intended and do any fine-tuning necessary to help you get the maximum value from your custom ERP software.
5. Implementation

Once you’re satisfied that your ERP meets your needs, we’ll begin the implementation stage. At this point, we’ll schedule an on-site implementation and integration of your live system to minimise downtime. We know how important data is too, so can create and use custom scripts to transfer data from existing systems.

6. Ongoing support Once your ERP system is implemented and in use, we offer a range of options for ongoing support to maximise its longevity and reliability. Options available include standard support desk services and updates as well as more advanced support options like usage reporting and server health monitoring.

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Our Work

Since 2013, we’ve worked with UK businesses of all sizes to design, develop, and implement licence free custom ERP software. Here are just one of our success stories to date:

PD Industrial: Custom ERP Software

As leaders in industrial storage systems, PD Industrial needed a platform to help them excel in both their overall business processes and their service delivery. Bespoke was the only way to realise their ambitious vision.

With an in-depth understanding of their needs from initial conversations and our workshop stage, we delivered to their needs exactly with a powerful cross-platform ERP system complete with an expertly crafted  UX-centred design.

PD Industrial Customer ERP software and mobile application

Ready to develop your ERP software?

Our in-house discovery specialists are available to answer your questions, understand your requirements, and help guide you through the next steps in developing custom ERP software for your business.

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